Mon - 09.26.2005
@ 09:10 pm
-stamped - new layout-


You know you're in truoble when you stay home from school to make a layout for your journal.

I really need to stop using Ayumi Hamasaki, but I couldn't help myself with these pictures of her. I really like the way it turned out. New type of navigation for me, and more of a sleek feel than my last layout. I needed to get away from swirly/curvy lines for a while. Pink is a must, so it's still there. :D

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Mon - 09.12.2005
@ 03:15 am
-STAMPED: New Layout-


I finally made a new S1 layout HERE. Comment/critique away ^^


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Thu - 09.08.2005
@ 10:59 am
-A p p l i c a t i o n-

Hello... Rate me^^

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Sat - 08.27.2005
@ 05:15 pm
-application ~ withdrawn-


Hi there. I'm applying, obviously.


access_ (version 1) : destati

Feturing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix ~ Another Side, Another Story (Deep Dive)

All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: I'm going to withdraw the layout, because there were some errors I didn't realize until they were pointed out, and even then I didn't know how to have them fixed. Apparently I'm a total noob and didn't realize it was due to obvious error. So my "TV Screen" layout (:-/) isn't going to be graded anymore, sorry! I'll probably apply again when my layout is different. Thanks. :-D

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Thu - 08.25.2005
@ 12:15 am
-Stamped; New Layout!-

mood : sick

New layout, nothing special and it's quite crappy if you use IE.

Wow, I love my cheeriness.

P.S: X-posted like a shameless whore.

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Sat - 08.20.2005
@ 04:06 pm
-new apps-


A couple new applicants are here at the mercy of your grading!

oolong : here
runcible : here
shooting__stars : here

Vote from the bottom up please. :)

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Fri - 08.12.2005
@ 01:48 am
-Stamped & Mod.-


I feel like it's been a biblical lifetime since I had a new layout, but I finally put something together that didn't make me consider a nunnery. This one took quite a long time because I drew a lot of it myself. There were more subtle animations, but it was killing the loading time so I axed all but one. It gets rather bare as you scroll, but I couldn't find a way to remedy that.

I realize this style of layout is very different, and different is exactly what I was aiming for. You'll either really like it or really hate it, so if it's the latter, let's rememeber our manners.

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Wed - 08.10.2005
@ 09:56 pm


Hi everyone =) *would like to apply*

I've tested it in IE and Firefox and it should work in both. It also should work in all screen resolutions.

Anyway, I'm not sure what else to say. So, grade away...? Thank you in advance. =)


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Mon - 08.08.2005
@ 05:47 pm


Applying with this journal, anwyn.

Preferred Setup: Firefox or IE, 800x600+ (I use 1024x768)
Also tested in: 640x480 (readable)

The subject is Claire from LOST, if you're curious.

Honesty & politeness always appreciated.

(The only other thing I'd mention--I admit to being a minimalist of sorts, so you may keep that in mind. ^^)

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Wed - 08.03.2005
@ 11:09 pm
-Stamped - New Layout-


Uh. Yeah. New layout.

I know it's compatible with Firefox. As for other browsers, I haven't tried it out, but I don't know of anything that would pose a problem, so I'm pretty sure it should work okay.

Layout was originally going to be based on the first "lyrics" here, but I couldn't find a good place to put the random text.

I won't say anything more - comments and criticism would be nice, though. :D

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Mon - 08.01.2005
@ 05:17 pm
-Stamped / New Layout! OMG YAY!-


Yeah, it's an ugly ass banner. Shut up, I'm lazy.

New layout up at!

This is your wakeup call to go look, bitches.
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Fri - 07.29.2005
@ 08:40 pm


Two applicants need votes this time around. Please vote from the bottom up:

gargantuanlies : here (Needs 7 votes)
nanya_hime : here (Needs 5 votes)

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@ 06:00 pm
-Rate Me-


I'd like to be rated please.

My layout features Bow Wow and Ciara. They are music artist and the caps are from Bow Wow's latest video and only video with her titled "Like You". The icon alongside this post is the icon I made to match the layout but it is not my default icon at the moment. Thanks for your time.

Best viewed in 1024x768. Shows up fine in firefox & IE

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Thu - 07.28.2005
@ 07:06 pm


One new applicant that needs votes:

nanya_hime : here

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Fri - 07.29.2005
@ 12:10 am


Layout Name: Honey & Clover
Style Base: Component
Resolution: 800+ (minimal requirement) best viewed 1024 and above!
Compatibility: Tested on IE & Firefox (both 100% okay). Not sure about other browsers.
What I like about the layout: The small functions (like guestbook)
What's bad about it: Leave to you to judge.

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Thu - 07.28.2005
@ 10:22 am
-STAMPED - New layout-

mood : sore

I finally post a new layout in just under a year? Layout coding gives me headaches. Anyhow, this layout features HYDE from L'Arc~en~Ciel and it works in Mozilla and IE. It does not have a sidebar because after a year of looking at one, I simply didn't want another. Although it looks a bit cluttered it's actually very simple and I enjoy that.

Also, when I made LJ uppercase all the entries, it uppercases html as well so links in my entries don't always work. Can anyone help me with that? It's rather annoying but I would like to keep it uppercase because it's what I orginally wanted.

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Mon - 07.25.2005
@ 11:20 pm
-Stamped / Idea?-


Okay. This is just an idea, but hear me out.

I've been thinking about how ridiculous it is that LJ has about nineteen billion ratings communities. Getting the memberships correct, knowing what one community wants over another, knowing what grade to give where, looking at less active communities with pages and pages of "dead" members, the fact that 95% of the time someone will apply to four communities at once, so the "lesser" ones will get a bunch of comments that just say, "Said it at L_E. 3.5," or some variant.

So my idea is to possibly find a way to universalize the communities into one massive community with a few spin-offs (i.e. keeping e_25, f_e and l_e) for diversity and because they aren't just straight-forward ratings communities... I know it sounds like a gigantic power grab, but I'm basically just sick of seeing dead communities where people post and get no response, or two responses and no stamp... It kind of sucks, you know? Especially given that I'm currently mod of four communities and in the process of possibly becoming maintainer of a fifth... it's all just too much. On top of that, having a core dedicated mod team for LJ as a whole instead of eleven billion similar communities would make things run smoother. I was also considering how much easier it would be to run a competition with real prizes (i.e. cash and goodies) when I'd only have to donate to one community instead of sixteen trillion. See how the number's growing? In my mind, a successful transition has only benefits on all levels.

The problems that arise to me immediatly are 1.) people being skeptical about the move, 2.) people not wanting to join at all, and 3.) the difficulty of the move itself and some of the logistics involved (i.e. do we delete old communities, how do we decide members, etc.). It seems we would need the membership to be largely for it for any chance of a successful move.

So! Fear not, this isn't anything near an official announcement or anything, nor is it even sanctioned by any communities yet, it's just an idea I'm throwing out there as a regular member. Members, how do you feel about the idea from a membership point of view? Mods, from a mod point of view? I'm just testing the water, here, hoping to see what people would think.

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@ 02:44 am
-stamped - new layout-


New layout for the first time in what seemed like a year. I'm still in shock about creating my last layout (it was too weird), so I decided to go for something totally different in terms of color and header design. It's nothing amazing, but I like it. :3 Features Chiaki Kuriyama from her Princess photobook which I adore.

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Thu - 07.14.2005
@ 11:44 am
-Stamped / PSI Farewell?-


So. I've not been using my LiveJournal as a blog, as those of you on my friends list know, and as such I decided to make one last LJ layout, especially since the Winter Sorbeck one was dated and not entirely functional. I'm not leaving the community or anything, I just... had to do away with the layout and move on.

Pluggity plug:

However, for the sakes of this community, I have to ask my fate - my layout is now free. What to do with me, mods?

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Sun - 07.10.2005
@ 01:10 am
-STAMPED - New Layout + No more paid-

mood : calm

Alas... I changed my layout... tiringil...
But my account has run out of paid time.
So this is my goodbye until I can get money. (haha)

Keep up the great work, you guys.
And good luck to future applicants!

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