Thu - 07.27.2006
@ 08:49 pm
-Accepted / New Community-


layoutanonymous layoutanonymous layoutanonymous

New "layout rating" community under a very simple premise.

Anonymous comments are allowed and encouraged so people can give honest critiques without having to worry abou saving face.

No requirements to post.

All I ask for is honest feedback from anonymous comments.

I'll be keeping an eye on trolling.

Snark allowed and appreciated.

If you decide to post, make sure it's through a thick skin.

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Tue - 07.18.2006
@ 05:53 pm
-*big breath* promo/ feedback please-


Ok!! I'm starting a brand-new layout rating community. This one has a twist though. After you are an accepted member, you still have to re-apply every NEW layout you make. After three rejected layouts, you have to re-apply to be a voting member. People with the most accepted layouts are higher on the member's list, ect. I think this should encourage activity and honest feedback everytime you create a new layout.

I guess I will take three auto accepts (the fun starts after you're a member anyways). If you want to be a member, respond somewhere so I can take a screenshot of your current layout and add you to the members list. You must already be an accepted member of the community I'm promoting in.

I also have one or two mod positions available. It would involve stamping sometimes, taking screenshots sometimes, I say sometimes because I plan on being extremely involved with the community myself. A little help would be nice though if someone wants to play with me. :)

I would appreciate it if someone could read over the userinfo and see if I hit all the crucial areas too.

I would like some feedback on the layout of the community also. If there's anything I could do to improve it, if it's ok enough to be a layout rating community's layout. Eh :/ I tried. :)

I'm going to x-post this to all the layout communities I'm in.

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Wed - 06.21.2006
@ 11:55 am
-Accepted Member [New Layout!]-


New layout, featuring Kate Beckinsale (for a change).

It's hideous if you use IE, so I recommend viewing it in Firefox.

I'm using 800.600 but I'm pretty sure it works in 1024 & up.

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Mon - 06.19.2006
@ 04:08 am


Hello, everyone!

I just finished a new layout, and I went a little crazy with the s2 coding this time around. I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism if you have a few spare moments. The layout looks best in Mozilla as I made a few small customizations that don't show up in IE (tiny community icons in addition to the standard tiny user icons), but other than that they should look pretty much the same. It should also look ok in 800 or 1280, though I designed it for a 1024 screen.


Thank you!

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Wed - 05.17.2006
@ 06:35 am


Hello :D


Please rate my layout. Designed with CSS & HTML. Fits fine in 800x600. Designed with FF browser, but should work just fine in IE. Constructive crit is always welcome. ^^

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Tue - 03.21.2006
@ 12:46 am

Figured I might as well try again. At the very least there's feedback to be gained (if anyone replies that is).

Validated XHTML 1.1, multi-browser compatible (but looks better in FF), 800x600 or higher, and other goodness like that.

Rate it, please.

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Sun - 02.26.2006
@ 10:33 pm
-Stamped! Question!-

mood : curious

I'm not a moderator but I got a lovely comment giving me a heads up about something, however this person decided to remain anonymous and I decided to respect their wish.

Before making an ass out of myself, I decided to ask if there is a photoshop (or another image edition program) button template option? Because xsense's & blessedaiko's links are quite resembling (for not saying the same. Mind the ugly screencaps, I'm using my old comp right now, lol).

I'm sure there's a good explanation for all this but I decided I should ask first O_o;;

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@ 06:09 pm
-Rate my layout, please! :3 (Application)-
mood : accomplished

Hello, I just recently made a layout and wanted to see what everyone thought of it.
I also had a question about HTML coding for my layout if anyone wanted to answer.


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Thu - 02.16.2006
@ 12:05 am
-Stamped! New Layout!-

mood : apathetic

Well, it's NOT exactly *new* because I was just too lazy to code everything all over again so I just got a new header & navigation XD

I like what I did tho XP


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Fri - 02.03.2006
@ 08:55 pm
-Stamped...? / Nu!-

mood : gassy

I have a paid account again, shall I reapply or am I still in?

Speaking of which, new paid layout! Yay!

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Tue - 01.10.2006
@ 12:39 pm
-Apply! Apply!-


Layout is for 1026x768 resolution, works perfectly in IE, and mostly in firefox.


(also has friends, day view, and calendar view (though I never use it, ha))

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Mon - 01.02.2006
@ 04:39 pm
-Leaving for real XD-

I guess I'm now completely off layout_elitist now ^^; My paid account expired but I was told to stay on since I still held a paid account layout.. But I've changed my layout so I'm using a free account one now T_T
So.. that means I'm no longer a member ^^;
I'll come back when I have a paid account though~ :D

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Fri - 12.30.2005
@ 04:53 pm

My layout works fine in Firefox and Opera, I made it in a 1024x768 resolution but it must look fine in others.

Layout: lipunuska

Thanks!!! :)

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Tue - 12.20.2005
@ 03:01 am
-- application --

mood : nervous

Best view in Firefox with 1024*768 or higher resolution (mine is 1400 by the way.) I've never tried viewing it in IE but I'm positive it'd work fine. Criticism welcomed >D

Douzo, pixy_polly

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Wed - 12.14.2005
@ 12:22 pm


The layout is best viewed in Internet Explorer and 1024x768.


Constructive criticism appreciated:)

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Mon - 12.12.2005
@ 01:44 am
-stamped; leaving community...-


seems how i change my layout what, once a year, i'm leaving this community. also because i don't think i'm going to have time to bother with a paid account anytime soon.

it was fun while it lasted...

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Fri - 12.09.2005
@ 02:34 pm

mood : nervous

hi guys. i'm applying with my current layout at nullspace. it should work in most browsers, but i'm not sure [i just uploaded it, so.]

i'm mainly looking for constructive criticism, although getting in this community would be a nice plus ^^;

thanks guys ☆

once again, the layout is here: nullspace

[edit: withdrawing entry because i have an obsession with changing my layout too damn much and can't control myself until my application gets graded. ^^; sorry guys]

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Wed - 12.07.2005
@ 09:57 am
-stamped - new layout-



Something fairly simple, though I like the image quite a bit. I'm aware that the entries are quite plain, but any other suggestions are very welcome.

Featuring John Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis.

(As a note, my username was formerly tormalyne, but has since been changed.)

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Wed - 11.30.2005
@ 11:08 pm
-Stamped // Dropping out.-


My life's got hectic over the last year. I'm not updating, am out of the loop with my LJ friends and haven't found time to create a new layout, even though I've been meaning to for the last three months.
Have to admit that things aren't going to change so I'm resigning from layout rating communities coz I haven't time to make a useful contribution any more. I'll keep my LJ open and come and see what my fave designers are doin when I get free time.
It's been fun. Power to your pixelperfectionism. Keep spreading the word.

Crossposted (eyecandy, awesome_layouts, layout_elitists)

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@ 01:24 pm
- Application-

mood : nervous

Layout is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox with a 1024 x 768 or higher resolution. Just a note for IE browsers—sidebar is 15 pixels lower than main content box, so it's uneven. Also, there is a gap between header image and main content.

Layout is here: plainrea


EDIT (01/30/2006): I'm withdrawing my entry. I no longer have the time to participate in this community. Thank you.

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