Blaze Questella Black (questella) wrote in layout_elitists,
Blaze Questella Black

So I'm applying.

I've had this layout up forever and will probably make a new one soon after I get rejected. (XD such confidence). Everythings made by me (moodthemes (yes plural), icons, layout). I have a million links on the side bar because I actually do use them and it's convienent for me to have them there. The little weird unevenness on the side bar where it gets smaller by one pixel, I don't know what caused that. And the little black dots that randomly appear on the bars background, I kind of like them there, I don't know why, I just do.

Well I guess that's about all. =/ Have fun?

(Oh the reason I only have 15 icons matching the layout is because I only make enough for a basic paid account and not for the extra user pics)
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