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Layout is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox with a 1024 x 768 or higher resolution. Just a note for IE browsers—sidebar is 15 pixels lower than main content box, so it's uneven. Also, there is a gap between header image and main content.

Layout is here: plainrea


EDIT (01/30/2006): I'm withdrawing my entry. I no longer have the time to participate in this community. Thank you.

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  • Sidebar craves justification.
  • The text in your graphics looks decent... can't say the same about the crop, sorry.
  • Perhaps is just me but the entries make me feel it's got some defaultishness.
  • You should shorten the number of displaying entries, specially if your sidebar is that short.
  • I don't really think the pink links fit in there.
  • Not fond of the black in there either.

    Overall, tis boring... to me anyway.

  • The header is cute, if nothing special and not very well continued into the rest of the design. One thing that sticks out is the lack of the elbow on the right side even though the ear at the top sticks out without being cut off. The entries are very unappealing and don't match the header at all. You go from light colors to a very dark block and you don't keep the entries section's style consistent with the header.