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Best view in Firefox with 1024*768 or higher resolution (mine is 1400 by the way.) I've never tried viewing it in IE but I'm positive it'd work fine. Criticism welcomed >D

Douzo, pixy_polly
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  • Well, it could pretty much work in 800.600 =P since you could chop your header to 750 or a bit more pixels without damaging it at all.
  • I think you should keep in mind that not everybody can see special characters, to me your title displays as a bazillion question marks.
  • Too much space between entries.
  • I can't really see why the divider would fit in there, it's the only place I see with a star o_o
  • It took me AGES to figure out where the hell was the navigation o_o
  • A bit of uneeded space at the bottom.
  • The date setting confuses me >.o

    Overal, it's a bit (just a bit) dull but it's got potential (or at least, that's what I think).

  • It's basically a half-cute, half-boring free account.