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Stamped! Question!

I'm not a moderator but I got a lovely comment giving me a heads up about something, however this person decided to remain anonymous and I decided to respect their wish.

Before making an ass out of myself, I decided to ask if there is a photoshop (or another image edition program) button template option? Because xsense's & blessedaiko's links are quite resembling (for not saying the same. Mind the ugly screencaps, I'm using my old comp right now, lol).

I'm sure there's a good explanation for all this but I decided I should ask first O_o;;
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I wouldn't call it a big deal - it's a lift of the style, which can be kind of obnoxious, but the image itself isn't stolen, so... yeahs.
I dunno, I didn't want to jump into conclusions because I've seen button templates & maybe it was just that. That's why I decided to let a mod check that instead of start saying - HEY YOU, RIP OFF! -.
I wouldn't say it was a ripoff unless the entire layout is the same distinct style - grabbing a concept for a button isn't a big deal to me, haha, especially when the image is redone as opposed to saved and stolen.
Go ahead, say: Lex, delete this post.

C'mon, you know you want to =P
Whatever tickles your pickles.
You know I can just leave and withdraw my application... And I don't believe in theft; I believe in style ideas. I was out of ideas for buttons that would work for my layout and came across xsense's livejournal and liked hers. So I made a template and just resized the buttons to my liking and styled them to how I wanted them. I, however, won't sit here and say it was my idea; I did use an idea she had and if you have a problem with it, I'm sorry. Had she of done the same I wouldn't care because it gives me a sense that she liked my style and wanted to use it. Had she of stolen the entire button by saving it and the rollover image and considered it her own I'd be pissed. But also, you can't do shit about people who do that because this is the internet and theft happens everyday.
If you want to delete my post, fine. I seriously don't care. It's a layout that won't affect my future 20 years from now. Hell, will I even REMEMBER my layout 20 years from now? Probably not.

Sigh, as far as I'm aware I never said you stole anything. I can't delete your post because I'm not a moderator, I got a comment in my journal from somebody who said that they were the same and just thought I should ask so things could get clarified.

My post was to ask if there's a template about those buttons or anything, I don't remember myself saying anything such as - OHMYGOD! SHE TOTALLY RIPPED THIS PERSON'S LAYOUT, OH MY GOD! - in your application, I'm was pointing out the linsk thing and I assured there could be an explanation about it. I don't have a problem with it, if anybody should that person would be xsense and not myself, because it wasn't MY layout.

You instantly jumped and blamed me of saying something I didn't even say you did, I don't have any problem with you or your layout, and as far as I'm aware, I never accused you of layout theft. Or maybe I'm totally not aware of it and need to re-read my post to look for the part where I'm calling you a thief.

And just like you said, this is the internet, I don't know why you're jumping at me in such a ridiculous way when I don't consider I'm offending you in any way, I was just asking a simple question and explaining what happened at my journal.
I apologize. Last night I was tired and had just worked on 18 projects for school. When I read your post I thought you were trying to frame me for theft over something silly like buttons. And at that point everything was pissing me off. And when I saw you had said "Come on, tell me Delete the post." I assumed you were talking about mine and I was offended and decided to explain myself. In all reality I don't care if my post is deleted. It's something unimportant in my life right now and I thought I'd get some points from other people. So technically I wasn't trying to bitch at all, I just assumed and wanted to stick up for myself and explain what I think I should've explained from the get-go.
LOL, no I was totally talking to Aaaron & asking him to tell me to delete my own post because maybe it wasn't such a big deal. I don't know, if anybody needs to sort this out it certainly isn't me, I had to clarify myself as well because I'm quite sure I didn't call you a thief at any moment.
Again, I'm sure it's just a mistake of miscommunication on my part and perhaps I should've read it in more detail than I did. But I do apologize for my actions and hope that I somewhat clarified things upon my actions.
Any mod with a sane mind would, at the very least, reject your sassy ass for such a blatantly bitchy comment, so I hope someone does wander by and see this.
Again, as I said above, I wasn't trying to bitch, I was just trying to explain and stick up for myself. I assumed she was framing me for something silly and asking to have my post deleted and it frustrated me and I attempted to explain in a non-bitch way. (When I read it outloud it didn't sound bitchy to me.) That's all.
I'm very sane, and slightly irked.

First off, we don't reject applicants based simply on their sassy asses. If that were the case, we would've surely banned you you by now for all of the 'tude you've given potential members in the past. Chill out, give us a chance to do our jobs, and be a little more respectful of our decisions- whatever those may be.

Second, to answer all of the possible questions by everyone here:

There's no such templates to my knowledge, but if there are, I would recommend marking down points to anyone that used them. How hard is it to let some program do the work for you?

While I don't find this type of thing very respectful, or elite, essentially it isn't layout theft. However, it's definitely more than slight inspiration, or something else that could be easily written off. It's not a basis for complete rejection, but you could certainly mark off major points for lack of creativity, effort, originality, etc. In my opinion, a layout like this does not deserve to be part of the community.

That's not to say subtlety couldn't make the grade if he/she tried again.
These buttons were my original pixelwork, not any graphics standard templates.

I used to have a lot of similar ones displayed as templates for people to use on my old website, so if people want to use them that's fine.

They are my xsense buttons with the colour changed to monochrome, and used in the same row of four, so nil for originality.

I guess it would've been nice to be asked.