cerisu (cerisu) wrote in layout_elitists,


Figured I might as well try again. At the very least there's feedback to be gained (if anyone replies that is).

Validated XHTML 1.1, multi-browser compatible (but looks better in FF), 800x600 or higher, and other goodness like that.

Rate it, please.
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Awe, I'm really jealous of your rounds borders & your coding is quite good. The only thing that keeps turning me down is the graphics, the C. Cat is loveable but I'm not fond of your text... even tho I think I can give you mad props cause I'd like to assume you drew the tree & the ribbons around the borders? You're good at that, imo.

Ergh, idk. I like it but I'm not really sure about the black... tho I've a simple dark patterned bg as well, LOL.

It's a nice try, tho the graphics haven't manage to make me drool yet.

I love the idea of it, but the use of fonts in the sidebar, especially the dividers, is a huge turnoff. The huge stroke is just so... gross. Other than that, it feels like a semi-generic LJ layout - it looks nice, but the creativity is somewhat lacking, and that's what I look for in a great layout.

Very, very good though. Just needs a bit more uniqueness and some touching up on the minor graphical issues.