Urania (stelligera) wrote in layout_elitists,

Accepted Member [New Layout!]

New layout, featuring Kate Beckinsale (for a change).

It's hideous if you use IE, so I recommend viewing it in Firefox.

I'm using 800.600 but I'm pretty sure it works in 1024 & up.
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it doesnt look hideous in IE.. O_O; what am i not seeing that im supposed to?
here's a screenshot.

I love the graphic ♥ but im not too fond of the font :/ but i just adore the colors. exactly the kind of shade i would use :O
i just realised something :/ i just commented even though I said im leaving the community because my free account expired but then i was never taken off the members list and now i do have a paid account so what do you suppose i do? re-apply?
i remember theonlykow was in a similar situation and the mods said he didnt have to re-apply... could i possibly have an answer please, mods? :x
Maybe you should make a post? LOL, I think they allowed Aaron to stay but I'm not really sure.

Or you could ask 3ndboss or immoral (those are the only mod's that come to my mind in this instant, LOL).
I love namedrops! Squee!
LOL, I have IE, I like to say hideous cause it shows as dashes instead of dots & things never align the way I want them to (I fixed some of the padding so it doesn't look that scary with IE, but it's still a lot prettier if you use Firefox.

LOL, it's okay! I actually had a hard time picking one, I know courier totally has nothing to do with the other one but I was pleased somehow XD

Thank you :]