Where there was nothing, now there is everything. (tasha) wrote in layout_elitists,
Where there was nothing, now there is everything.

*big breath* promo/ feedback please

Ok!! I'm starting a brand-new layout rating community. This one has a twist though. After you are an accepted member, you still have to re-apply every NEW layout you make. After three rejected layouts, you have to re-apply to be a voting member. People with the most accepted layouts are higher on the member's list, ect. I think this should encourage activity and honest feedback everytime you create a new layout.

I guess I will take three auto accepts (the fun starts after you're a member anyways). If you want to be a member, respond somewhere so I can take a screenshot of your current layout and add you to the members list. You must already be an accepted member of the community I'm promoting in.

I also have one or two mod positions available. It would involve stamping sometimes, taking screenshots sometimes, I say sometimes because I plan on being extremely involved with the community myself. A little help would be nice though if someone wants to play with me. :)

I would appreciate it if someone could read over the userinfo and see if I hit all the crucial areas too.

I would like some feedback on the layout of the community also. If there's anything I could do to improve it, if it's ok enough to be a layout rating community's layout. Eh :/ I tried. :)

I'm going to x-post this to all the layout communities I'm in.

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I like the layout, is really nice for being a free account.

I've two questions:
  • What is needed to be a mod.
  • Do moderators need to re-apply as well?

    Anddddddd, I don't really know if promo is accepted unless you're an accepted member, LOL.
  • Was I not accepted? Crapola. I had it on my update bar so I thought maybe I had been accepted at one point.

    Thank you about the layout.

    To be a mod you just need some time to help every once in a while with stamping members and taking screenshots of accepted layouts and posting it by the correct person's name. I really can't think of anything besides that, but I will be doing a lot of it. I'm not going to be the type of mod to get other people to do the dirty work for me. It'd be pretty =.

    as far as moderators go, ... I've thought about it, but I can't really seeing us needing to re-apply. BUT, I think we can apply and just keep a running tally of all accepted and rejected layouts. It would suck to have like six rejected and two accepted though and be like 'im tha mod!' ;) Nah, I'm not sure yet. I'd have to talk it over with whoever wants to be the other mod.