Mon - 11.28.2005
@ 03:04 am
-hi ^__^-

mood : excited

I'm nervous about it, but I'm applying... can my journal be graded?

the only thing i have to say as a requirement here is that this journal layout is for a 1024x768 screen resolution or HIGHER.



i'm withdrawing my entry, my life has just become more hectic and i don't think i would have time to be a member of this community if i did end up getting in. thanks anyways, sorry for withdrawing! /EDIT

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Mon - 11.14.2005
@ 08:41 pm

mood : nervous

Hey everyone, just finished a new layout so I thought I'd give this a shot.
The layout: Works fine in Firefox and IE and should be compatible with any resolution (may be sketchy in 800x600)

Thanks :)

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Thu - 11.10.2005
@ 11:50 pm
-Stamped: New Layout-


I have a new layout up at my journal. I think it's probably one of my worst, and I can see a lot of problems with it, but I won't mention them -- I'm interested to see if other people notice the same things as I do. :O

Also, my username used to be arise, but I got a rename token, hence the new and likely unfamiliar name.

Crossposted to a couple of places.

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@ 09:30 pm



this is my layout, which works in the browser of your choice and 800x600+.

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Wed - 11.09.2005
@ 01:45 am
-Stamped: New Layout.-

mood : pleased

I'm aware of the fact that's pretty scary if you're using IE.

Yup, the nav is scary as well. I didn't want to do a text nav or a place the nav in my sidebar (yet again).

And yeah, it's got lots of flaws but I like it anyway, LOL.

X-posted like a shameless whore.

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Tue - 11.08.2005
@ 06:30 pm

mood : blah

My layout is here: phoenixdragon06.

Its fixed, so it works on firefox now. At least thats what I've been told by a firefox user. If anybody out there has internet explorer and firefox can you check to see if its exactly the same. Thaaaanks.

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Thu - 11.03.2005
@ 06:20 pm
-new applicants!-


We've got some very brave applicants at your mercy waiting for approval or dun dun dun...REJECTION.

Please vote from the bottom up!

phoenixdragon06 : here
cerisu : here
majesticseas : here
questella : here
assumes : here

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@ 06:42 pm


Hi my layout, phoenixdragon06 only works in internet explorer i think. I know it doesn't work in firefox anyway.
I made all the pictures myself as well.

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Mon - 10.31.2005
@ 02:33 pm


I thought more feedback would be nice, and where else to go for snarky critiques than a rating community?

So... 800x600+. Mozilla/ Netscape/ IE/ Opera. Validated.

Erm. I'm sorry if the font annoys?

Here's a question (since I'm posting anyway). I've read the rules, and I understand that this is a community for customized paid styles... but what happens if the paid account expires? Do you get the boot? I mean, it's still a paid style, but not a paid account.

Yeah, that's all. Thanks.

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@ 08:00 pm



I am applying.
My layout works best in 1024x768 and Internet Explorer, but as far as I know it works in other browsers as well.
Everything is made by me, except the moodtheme, which is made by euterpeslullaby.

My layout is pretty simple, but I like the colors and the picture.
Please give me good reasons for your grades, so that I can develop as well! :D



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Sun - 10.30.2005
@ 09:43 am


Two new applicants! Whoopee!

questella : here (needs 6 votes)
assumes : here (needs 7 votes)

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@ 05:16 am


So I'm applying.

I've had this layout up forever and will probably make a new one soon after I get rejected. (XD such confidence). Everythings made by me (moodthemes (yes plural), icons, layout). I have a million links on the side bar because I actually do use them and it's convienent for me to have them there. The little weird unevenness on the side bar where it gets smaller by one pixel, I don't know what caused that. And the little black dots that randomly appear on the bars background, I kind of like them there, I don't know why, I just do.

Well I guess that's about all. =/ Have fun?

(Oh the reason I only have 15 icons matching the layout is because I only make enough for a basic paid account and not for the extra user pics)

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Sat - 10.15.2005
@ 03:41 pm


this is my second time applying. i have a new layout up. it works in ie, mozilla, opera, and safari. compatible in 800x600 and up. looks best in mozilla 1024x768+. :)

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Thu - 10.13.2005
@ 09:11 am
-mod post-


Here are some applicants that really need some votes. Thanks to you guys who are taking some time out to vote!

__badwolf : here (needs 7 votes)
access_ : here (needs 6 votes)
shatterstripes : here (needs 5 votes)

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@ 06:57 am



Just a little note about this layout. There are no graphics, because I'm a CSS designer, not a graphic designer. I know a lot of people find that images are what makes a layout, but I prefer the experimental CSS side of things!

Oh, and there's a slight error in MSIE, which I will fix when I don't need to get ready for work!

Thank you in advance.

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Wed - 10.12.2005
@ 05:49 pm
-reapplication: withdrawn (yeah, again, sorry)-


let's try again, eh?

go easy on me. XD i don't know and don't care how it looks in firefox. everything SHOULD be a-ok, as far as i know.


access_ :: #02 ~ footage

BAH, i hate doing this again to you guys. But I'm going ot withdraw again, as I've started working on a layout that I feel is much better and more organized. Thanks for the votes again! (It wouldn't have made it anyway, but that's okay. XD)

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Thu - 10.06.2005
@ 05:10 pm


Oh, why not?

  • All my own code.
  • Entirely css-based; no tables. Most sizes are in ems or percentages.
  • Comments pages use nested lists so they actually indent on Lynx.
  • Note pop-up toolbar in the upper right (hardwired to my username, unfortunately).
  • Anal semantic correctness: <br><br> is converted to <p> using some search-and-replace code that kunzite1 extracted from mageboltrat's "Industrial Nippon" (id=533012)
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Tue - 10.04.2005
@ 08:58 am
-mod post-


Sorry for the lack of voting and stamping going on: I think we're all busy with school and are putting it first instead of this community. So here are the latest applicants. Please take a moment to vote on them. :)

sparklysushi : here (Needs 6 votes)
runcible : here (Needs 6 votes)
assumes : here (Needs 6 votes)
yokka_chyld : here (Needs 8 votes)

Thank you!

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Mon - 10.03.2005
@ 06:22 pm


rate away..

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Wed - 09.28.2005
@ 04:08 pm

mood : nervous

i figured i'd give this a shot. my layout works in netscape, ie, mozilla, opera, and safari. it works in 800x600 and up but looks best 1024x768 in mozilla. rate away.

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